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You are Head of Security for the new GigaFactory #42, a moon-sized manufacturing facility owned by Space-E. You must eliminate an infestation of Blammazon robots while getting the factory up and running!

If you can locate Eon Tusk and recruit his help, you may be able to reach the planet Blammazonia, where you can confront and stop the slightly-misguided mastermind Jeffrey Kisses.

A first-person shooter. Upgrade your turrets and weapons. Program your own robot assistant. Watch robots explode in a shower of parts. All while being innundated with meaningless pop-culture references.


Designed for players who want to explore and puzzle their way through a world that once was beautiful and thriving. In Abandoned Places: Oak Ridge, the first of the series, you will uncover long-hidden mysteries, documenting the disappearance of civilization over time. As you get closer to the abandoned nuclear core you will encounter secrets, clues and the answers to questions you didn't know to ask.


A mobile app for Android where you steer your shopping cart around store levels, in a contest to grab as much stuff as you can in a limited time. 

Red Wolf Games - Lizard Lickers

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