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Nitro League Development Page

TESTERS - PLEASE READ ALL RELEASE NOTES BEFORE YOUR  FIRST PLAYTHROUGH! This is a very early Alpha stage of development. A lot will be missing, incomplete, or glitched. I will have a Discord server for  the beta up and  running very soon, and that info will be posted here.

The current moving target for this game is a multi-player racing, demolition, and stunt league played in vehicles that are a cross between racing vehicles and monster trucks.


Currently, there are very few restrictions on where you can go. That will have to change, to some degree, to prevent grief players. The further down the track you get, the less finished it is.

Please provide feedback on anything you like or dislike, down to whatever level of detail you can provide. 

Much more to come. 


Just unzip into a directory, select the folder "Build" and run "Hex.exe".


W: Gas

S: Brake/Reverse

A, D: Left/Right

Left-Shift: Boost

F: Flip car
Middle-Mouse: Reset to last checkpoint

H: Headlights

TAB: Options Menu

Right-Mouse: Change camera views (Camera 3 currently does NOT work and will be stationary).

P: Toggle picture-in-picture Drone Camera

10-4 0.05a

Soccer mode suspended temporarily to focus on racing and vehicle physics. Added sound controls to TAB menu. Graphics and bindings interfaces not yet available.

8-12 0.04a
Added very rudimentary AI code for cars to see if having AI cars is viable. Also added  a SECOND soccer ball temporarily; this is so the AI cars can chase one around, but the  player also has a separate one to try scoring goals with and test those mechanics.

8-10 0.03a

Added voice announcer, ball goals, and goal recognition. No score tracking yet, just UI placeholders for Red/Blue teams.

8-9  0.02a
Soundtrack added, with random selection. Effects added to ball. Cinematic follow camera added.

The executable name is  Hex.exe (because this started out as an attempt to develop hex mapping  and somehow became a driving game).

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