Please read the notes before playing:

Update (5/26/2022):

Testing Homing Dart ammo on Garden Center level. Added Mixer Bot. 

Update (5/23/2022):

Added "Max" robots and early look at Garden Center level. 

Update (5/16/2022):

Added loot chests, which currently contain... no loot, but the animations  should work.

Intro cinematic added (incomplete). Aware of glitching polygons on the Panda. 

Changed the main menu to an animated sequence. Increased the size of the plasma bullets. 

Update (5/12/2022):

Mars level (incomplete) added. This level is not finished but should showcase some of the graphics improvement. Loot chests added to Gigagenerator #87 level. Testing some "prize balloon" physics out, which may not stay in the game. They will likely be replaced by chests and other gizmos more typical to loot stations. 


Lizards have been enhanced. They now use ragdoll physics when struck, which is still being fine tuned. They also have a variety of sound effects. Need to add attack animation and fix some timing issues. 


The large green and orange blocks on the Mars level will likely be called "Targonite Blocks". Need feedback on whether the sound of them tumbling fits or needs adjustment. 

As usual at this very early alpha stage, quite a few things don't work so don't be too surprised by anything. If you get stuck, hit Alt-F4 to exit the game.

* Controls:

       WASD - Move

       Space - Jump

       TAB - Toggle Inventory/Equipment HUD (Temporarily disabled)

       Left Mouse Button - Fire

       Fuel in your fuel cell will deplete as you fire. It can be replenished by picking up fresh tanks or using the Filler'er Up Stations. While the three fuel types will let you recharge your pack, they do not currrently change your weapon's fire.